Ritmo Style

After spending the day on the paradisiacal beaches of Formentera, RITMO becomes the fashionable space

where to go to start the magical and unpredictable nights of the island.


The restaurant is a two-storey building perfectly integrated in the heart of the island, in Sant Ferran,

with presence and visibility from all points of the town. Pure magic.


Enjoy a relaxed and relaxed dinner and come to the RITMO terrace to have the first drinks of the night,

It is the meeting point for both visitors and people from the island.


From RHYTHM to heaven!

The premises comprehensive reform has managed to transmit the island’s essence connecting with it in all the details of the architectural style and interior design. Inviting one of the best experiences in any of the three environments into which the restaurant is located.

The diner will be immersed in a world of terracotta tones and with decoration in which the different natural and typically Mediterranean materials are present such as clay, wood, the wonderful rope covering the entrance, jute, wicker with figures very wild and exotic, or the tiles made by ceramic and clay turning the surface into colors puzzle typical of the Balearic Mediterranean.

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